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      The best animal print dog harnesses !

      Animal prints have been a fashion statement since the 1930s. But even before it was a fashion statement, it was used by kings and rulers to show power. Animal print rugs were used to show wealth, status and power in society and hunters believed that owning or wearing animal prints would make them like the associated animal. For instance, they believed that a cheetah’s skin would make them fast like the animal.

      In 2018, animal prints including leopard prints were really popular and then the trend died down. Typical of how fashion cycles work, once a style reaches its peak, it slowly declines and then goes out of fashion. The same happened with animal prints. But guess what?

      2021 is seeing a re-introduction of animal prints in the fashion world. Why not let your fur buddies be a part of the trend and get a leopard dog harness for them as well? This is most probably because people want to resume travelling the world again. Animal and leopard prints hint at the desire to see exotic lands. 

      Do you love animal prints and want your dog to wear it too? An animal print dog harness, be it a leopard print dog harness or a cheetah print dog harness would look great on any dog. It doesn't matter if your dog is big or small! 

      The best part is that animal prints look good no matter what color your dog is. A leopard dog harness will suit dogs that are black, white, brown, grey or mixed. 

      Let’s take a look at some facts when it comes to harnesses. 

      Is it ok to leave the the harness on my dog ?

      Out of the most common accessories bought for a dog, a dog harness comes first to mind, and a lot of dog-owners have their dogs wear it all the time. But the question is - is it safe for a dog to wear a harness at all times?

      When it comes to safety, dog harnesses are undoubtedly the most secure and convenient way of attaching your dog to his leash. A dog harness increases control and prevents continuous pulling, and suits dogs with neck injuries. But like a dog collar, it is advisable not to leave it on your dog always.

      There are a few reasons why dog harnesses aren’t recommended to be left on 24/7. There are some of the dangers associated with leaving on a dog harness all the time.

      Choosing the correct harness

      Certain harnesses could prove to be harmful for dogs. Not all harnesses support the weight of the dog and the bone structure. If the harness is used incorrectly, it could injure the dog badly and in various ways. 

      Training harness

      Training harnesses or front-clip harnesses are designed with a leash in the front and generally go around the centre of your dog’s chest. Some harnesses even have Martingale loops in order to reduce pulling pressure. These types of harnesses discourage your dog’s pulling instinct and help in guiding your dog in the correct direction mainly due to the control it offers. And for puppies especially it’s a good training tool.

      Vest harness

      Vest harnesses are usually made from nylon or mesh. They are used to reduce chafing and make dogs feel more secure. The only disadvantage is that they can make your dog feel more “contained”. Vest harnesses are great for small and petite dogs. 

      3 in 1 dog harness

      A 3 in 1 dog harness is a great option when you are confused and don’t know which harness will suit your dog. It will have a front leash attachment system, can be used for no pull walking, and as a car safety restraint. 

      At Bijou & Co. we have stylish leopard print dog harnesses that you can adorn your fur baby with! Our harnesses come in different sizes, are soft and comfortable. Thus they are stylish yet functional! Choose your leopard dog harness today.