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      If you have a fur baby, chances are you have shared some of their adorable moments on Instagram. However, if you want to take your pet from just another cute doggie or kitty pic on Instagram, it’s going to take a lot more than just a cute selfie.

      Making your pet Instagram famous can come with lots of perks ranging from product endorsements to freebies for your cutie. And, even if you are doing it just for the likes, that’s perfectly fine too.

      So, let’s get right to it. How exactly do you make your pet Instagram famous?

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      1. Set up an Instagram account for your pet

      This goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway. An Instagram famous pet needs their own Instagram account. If you have been sharing your pet’s pics on your Instagram page, it's time to open an account just for your pet.

      Go for a creator profile or business account that will allow you to keep up with the analytics for your pet’s page. This can be easily done by following the prompts on the settings page on Instagram.

      A business account will give you access to valuable data that will help you tailor your account strategy and monitor your progress.

      Don’t forget to give your pet an interesting Instagram profile name. User names that are cute, unique, and easy to find are a safe bet.

      Go for a user name that helps people find your pet such as, Eden The Husky or Tuffy The Naughty Himalayan. That way, anyone looking for a particular breed will easily find your page.

      2. Find your niche

      Adorable selfies are cute but they are also a dime a dozen on Instagram. So how do you make your pet stand out? Simple, let your pet’s personality shine through.

      Is your pet a shameless flirt who likes to cuddle with everyone? Is your pooch grouchy in the morning? A finicky eater? Whatever it is that makes your pet unique tap into it to build their brand on Instagram.

      Stars shine because they have quirks or personalities that make them interesting. Your fur-baby has something unique that makes you laugh or exasperated. Use those unique quirks to make your pet an Instagram famous star.

      Generic photos may net you a few likes but it’s the little unique details about your pet that will engage your followers.

      Before you start your pet’s Instagram account, take time to think of their personality and the ideal brand for them.

      3. Do not skimp on the content

      No matter how cute your fur-baby is there are only so many pics you can take of them on the couch. Instagram famous pets need content and this means getting a little bit creative.

      To get followers for your pooch you will need to have content that’s engaging and interesting. Research what makes great content by seeing what your competitors are doing. What kind of photos get the most likes? What is your audience looking for?

      When you take time to develop a content strategy you will keep your pet’s Instagram account from getting boring. Capture different moments of your pet’s day then look for the most interesting bits to share on their page.

      Remember a photo that elicits a smile or laughs from your audience is much better than the same old picture-perfect selfie of your pooch on the couch.

      4. Get good at pet photography

      Instagram is all about pictures and your Instagram famous pet will need really good pictures to stand out. You do not need to take a master class in photography but at the very least you will need a good camera and some basic photography skills.

      The right picture can speak a thousand words so don’t be shy about brushing up on your photography skills. Learn how to use different filters and presets to make your Instagram account consistent in terms of theme and style.

      There are plenty of photo editing software options that you can download to help you make the best of your pics. Keep it simple and use a consistent style to give your pet’s Instagram profile a distinctive and recognizable feel.

      5. Master the hashtags

      We all use them but do you know just how important hashtags are for getting you an audience? Hashtags allow users who are not following you to find your profile. The right hashtags deliver a lot of exposure and that’s exactly what you need to make your pet Instagram famous.

      Hashtags such as #funnypets #naughtypets #adorablefrenchies are some easy examples of hashtags that can get you hits from local and international Instagram users.

      Thematic hashtags will also help you to establish a theme for your pet’s profile. You can pick a hashtag that’s appropriate for the brand you want to create.

      A common mistake that you want to avoid is recycling the same hashtags over and over. Switch it up often and keep changing your hashtags.

      Each time you switch up your hashtags you attract a different audience. This translates into a wider audience and more exposure for your page.

      6. Consistency is key

      Let’s face it, there are days you will find yourself too busy to post or just not feeling up to it. Unfortunately, to make your pet Instagram famous you need to be consistent. One post every other Monday will not do.

      Making sure that you upload content regularly and consistently will help to keep you connected to your followers. If you post sporadically chances are your followers will lose interest and move on to other pet stars.

      7. Engage

      Who doesn’t love a response or like when they post on Instagram? Do not leave your followers hanging. Engage your audience and respond to user questions as much as you can.

      The more engaged your audience feels the more likely they are to keep following you. Interact with your followers and socialize.

      Simple things like asking for suggestions or recommendations from your users can go a long way in keeping you connected to your followers.

      It’s social media after all so one of the easiest ways to make your pet Instagram famous is to socialize!

      8. Network

      Being Instagram famous requires plenty of networking. This means getting people’s attention both online and offline.

      Seek out and follow accounts that fall in your pet’s category. Like, comment on posts and follow accounts that specialize in pets, pet products, or pet lovers. This is a simple but effective way to engage with other users with the same interests and attract attention to your page.

      For instance, there are plenty of Instagram accounts for particular breeds or types of pets. Get your content out there by participating in such forums and making your pet known.

      Offline events are another great way to spread the word and get more followers for your pet. Make a point of attending industry events targeted at pet parents and influencers. You can get a lot of information and exposure from such events.

      9. Stay current

      When making your pet Instagram famous, remember that you will be your pet’s voice. Keep up with trends to make your posts relevant, emotive, and engaging.

      Great captions are a great way to give your pet’s pictures context and lend some personality to your pet’s page. Famous pet stars stay famous because they keep up with the trends and goings-on.

      Do not be afraid to check out bigger accounts to see what’s trending and what users are most interested in. Research is a crucial part of creating a successful Instagram profile so make it part of your routine.

      10. Be patient

      This will be a little difficult but Rome really wasn’t built in a day. Do not shoot for overnight popularity because it’s simply not likely to happen.

      Aim for smaller milestones that nonetheless grow your pet's Instagram account over time. For instance, start out with a goal of 1000 followers and then work your way up to 5000 followers and so on.

      Making your pet Instagram famous will take a bit of time. so be patient and don’t forget to enjoy the process. Your fur buddy can be the next big thing on Instagram but you will need to take time to figure out what clicks with your audience and what doesn’t.


      Making your pet Instagram famous can be a breeze if you are willing to put in some work. The most common mistake people make is not having a strategy when seeking to create great Instagram profiles.

      The steps we have outlined are a simple but effective way to make your pet Instagram famous. Just be sure to let your pet’s personality shine and let them be the Instagram star you know they can be.